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Our Team

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Treatment Team at DUI classes

Johnathan W


Johnathan is a dedicated educator turned pioneer. After realizing that thousands of individuals out there need help getting their life back, he decided to expand his classroom techniques across the country.

Robert G


Together with Johnathan, Robert has dedicated himself to help expand Williamson School. After receiving his first DUI 8 years ago, Robert has realized there is much he can teach others about driving safely and being considerate for everyone else on the road.

Danica P

Lead Instructor

Danica has been a part of Williamson School for the past 3 years and has helped write the curriculum all Williamson School classrooms follow. Road safety is her number one priority and she feels she has made a difference in the hundreds of students that have completed their courses through Williamson School

Bianca C

Operations Manager

Since graduating in 2016, Bianca has held several management positions. Bianca has dedicated herself to helping Williamson School grow to its fullest potential.

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