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Welcome to Williamson School

We offer DUI Classes, DWI Education, Alcohol Drug Education, Minor In Possession Classes, and Victim Impact Classes.

Our Mission

If you been recently arrested and charged with first DUI offense charge, there is immediate help in what to do that may be able to save your license and avoid further DUI penalties such as the numerous costs

Our Vision

We want to see a world filled with safe and smart drivers. Not only are we here to get your license back but we want you to be a more considerate and understanding driver.

Our stratagy

It doesn’t matter what course you have signed up for, our strategy is the same. To provide all our students with the same focus to ensure they get more from this course than they need to become better drivers.


About Williamson School

y goal is to provide quality services that consist of education and prevention, intervention, individual and group counseling, and referrals to ongoing community resources and further treatment when applicable. We are here to aid individuals convicted of driving-under-the-influence understand the danger their behavior poses to society

DUI classes Is Designed
To Provide Clients With Highly
Effective DUI classes Options.

We are here to help you! Call us (855) 960-0960

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