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Defense Driving

Our courses are designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. We know you will learn and be a more conscious driver after taking our online driver safety courses.


DUI Programs

A person will want to go to a DUI school because their license got suspended after a DUI. You may also be mandated to take a class offered by a school on the official DUI school list.


Driver’s Education

You can study the exact same state-approved material you’d get in a classroom course. From state-approved teen and adult drivers ed to state-specific study guides, we have a course that fits your needs.


What Class Will You Need?

Many people want to register for a course for the purpose of getting their license back.

There are several levels of DUI education programs available. You will have to take a class which may be as short as 12 hours if you are a first-time offender with a low blood alcohol content, or as high as 30 months if you are a repeat offender. The length of the program depends on whether this is your first, second, third, or fourth DUI offense within a 10-year period.

Quality DUI Programs

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DUI/DWI Classes Topics

We are dedicated to helping you. We will cover various topics in regards to DUI and DWI to ensure you understand what you need to do to get your license back.

Safer Driver Course

Defensive driving is anticipating problems and responding ahead of time so that you can protect yourself and others from dangerous and unexpected driving situations.

QUALITY service is our PRIORITY

Our goal is to help you succeed in getting you back on the road. We promote smart driving and will instill safety

Certification of Completion

Once you have passed the course and received your Certificate of Completion, you must pass along to the DMV

Prices for our DUI Course

We provide affordable classes no matter which program you need to complete. Call to learn more

DUI Course

DUI classes consist of 12 hour or 3 months, 6 months, or 9-month courses. The length of a course required depends on the court’s outcome or what a person is trying to accomplish.

DUI Classes offered include:

We are sorry to hear you have received a Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
and are here to help you avoid future incidents, and comply with the Court
and Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requirements.

  • 12 Hour Course
  • 3 Month Course
  • 6 Month Course
  • 18 Month Course

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DUI classes Is Designed
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